Project Documents
This series of documents were used to teach new environmental science teachers in Athens, GA on the use of GPS unites, water monitoring test kits, and the use of Google Earth Pro to post and share water data. Feel free to print out these documents and work through the exercises, or you can watch one of our screencasts on Google Earth Pro.

Clean Watersheds Project Planbook -

Brainstorm the Issue external image pdf.png Brainstorm the Issue.pdf

Google Earth Pro Basics external image pdf.png Google Earth Pro Basics.pdf

Using Global Positioning Systems external image pdf.png Using Global Positioning System.pdf

Determining Collections Sites external image pdf.png Determining Collection Sites.pdf

Sample Water Data Sheet external image pdf.png Sample Water Monitoring Data Sheet.pdf

Creating Placemarks in Google Earth Pro external image pdf.png Creating Placemarks in Google Earth Pro.pdf

Google Earth Directions for Clean Watersheds -

Placemark Template Guide -
This guide explains some of the basic code used in the template and shows you where to substitnute placeholder text and image for your own information.

Placemark Template HTML Code -
After you create a placemark, you can copy and paste this code into the description box and then replace the placeholder text with your information.

Placemark Icon (PNG format for Earth icons) -
Download the icon to your desktop and then follow the directions on uploading a custom icon on the tutorials page to learn how to add this icon to your layer.