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Canterbury School

Career School
Students of the Career School in Winston Salem, NC tested the water on Mill Creek which flow through the Bethabara Wetlands.

Fort Worth Christian School
Three classes in Environmental Science at Fort Worth Christian School took samples from the West Fort of the Trinity River. Three of the samples were several miles downstream from the city. The forth site (Canoe Launch)was about 16 miles further down stream and below the Village Creek Waste Water Treatment Plan and below the Arlington Landfill.

Gonzaga College High School

Hong Kong International School, Hong Kong

John Tyler High School

La Sierra High School, Riverside, CA

Lake Forest High School, Lake Forest, IL

Maine East HS
We tested the water in the North Branch of the Chicago River at Miami Woods. The area has a golf course upstream and has a lot of residential and commercial property nearby.

Roxbury High School, Succasunna, NJ
Students at Roxbury High School in Ms. Evensen's Environmental Science classes sampled a small local stream, located on the west side of the school campus. This stream is part of the Lamington Watershed. The stream flows through a residential area in Roxbury Township.

Sandy High School, Sandy, OR

The Classical Academy, Colorado Springs, CO

Trinity School, Atlanta, GA
Fifth grade students at Trinity School in Atlanta, GA tested a local creek to determine if runoff from several adjacent parking lots had adversely affected the water quality. The program, called River Kids, tests the water in the creek monthly to observe any fluctuations in the health of the creek. The River Kids either test for disolved oxygen (DO), pH, conductivity, temperature, or macroinvertebrate diversity. The various other River Kids jobs include litter patrol, equipment manager, or photographer.

Trinity Preparatory School, Winter Park, FL

The Walker School, Marietta, GA
The Walker School used Google Earth Pro's database to research the location of Golf courses in Atlanta area along the Chattahoochee River. These courses can be seen in our layer. Students then chose 3 tests sites, each below a series of golf courses. Phosphates and nitrates, which are key minerals in fertilizers were tested for in the samples taken. You can see the results of our data in the layer here. Layer also includes 5th Grade science classes work monitoring Noses Creek in the Kenesaw Mtn. Battlefield Park