Welcome to the Clean Watersheds Project,

The Clean Watersheds Project is an interdisciplinary collaborative watershed monitoring project that uses Google Earth Pro to store and share watershed data. Our main goal is to empower our community of parents, teachers, students and environmental experts to collect, post, and analyze data about our changing watersheds in an effort to improve the health of our national watersheds. We hope this project will inspire us to come together as a learning community and teach each of us to take responsibility for our environment. Participating schools can apply to receive licensed copies of Google Earth Pro in order to participate. If you are interested in helping us collect data for this project, or have a great idea on how to improve it, please contact the project coordinator, Mr. Thomas Cooper at thomas.cooper@thewalkerschool.org. We would also encourage you to join our community and participate in our discussions on Ning(http://goapes.ning.com).
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Project Goals

  • Action research into the water quality of a local water supply
  • Basic techniques of environmental data collection on local watershed
  • Use of GPS technology to record geographical data points
  • Use of spreadsheet technology to store and analyze watershed related data
  • Use of online GIS database technology and wikis to share information between researchers
  • Discussion between involved entities as to the relevance of the data collected toward possible contamination sites.
  • Global awareness that these issues are common to all parts of the world.
  • Promote social networking between environmental teachers, students, businesses, and area experts
  • Engagement between involved parties toward implementing solutions to improving water quality.

Calendar of Events
We have created a calendar of events to help you plan to complete this project. On the calendar we have also scheduled online conservations using Elluminate for teachers to get together, talk about the project, voice any questions and concerns, and to help build our community. We will also be offering monthly tutorials on how to use Google Earth. These sessions will be the last Monday of each month at 8 pm EST, excluding holidays. Sessions will be recorded and posted in the session archive on our site. Completion dates provided on the calendar are only suggestions. Schools may enter the project at any time during the year and data may be posted at any time up until May 30th when the project closes for the year.

* Previous project sessions are stored on the "Archives " page of The Networked Learner wiki.

Clean Watersheds Composite Layer
This layer contains a list of participating schools and their water monitoring sites. The layer is continually being updated by project members as they collect data on their test sites. The layer is compiled by the project coordinator from individual layers posted on the school data page.
Last Updated: May 13th, 2010

Participating Schools
Click on schools to find out who is participating in your area, or to update your school's information. You can also download and view our layer in Google Earth to learn about each school and what they are doing to keep their watershed how to clean trout.

Water Monitoring
In order to maintain reliability between test sites, we encourage all participating schools to use one of the LaMotte Water Test Kits. The LaMotte Green Water, Green Estuary, or Complete Water Monitoring kits are acceptable. These kits can be ordered directly from LaMotte, or a supply company, such as Carolina Biological Supply.

Suggested Equipment
  • High Speed Internet Connection
  • Desktop running Windows XP or Mac OS X
  • Google Earth Pro
  • GPS Unit (Garmin eTrexVista)
  • Digital Camera or Video Camera